About us

KAS Kopenhagen originates from the love of our children and nature.

From our passion of bringing aesthetics into children’s bedroom, we dare to reinterpret and challenge interior styling and invite our kids into a universe of furniture reflecting authentic arts and crafts. Each design is made with caring thoughts for the smallest so the harmony between aesthetics and functionality is brought into our children’s home.

Sustainability & security

KAS Kopenhagen cares about the future of our children. We create aesthetic designs for the smallest with caring considerations for their future planet. To us, sustainability is more than just wood, fabrics and other materials. It is important to us at KAS Kopenhagen that our products are produces with respect for the people who handle them. Therefore, a socially responsible production is an essential and fundamental criterion. Furthermore, we create holistic designs with a distinct attention for multi functionality. Combining the everlasting look and handmade details, all our furniture is designed to grow with our little ones.

Kasandra Bodo

Founder & Designer

KAS Kopenhagen is founded in 2018 by Kasandra Bodo.

Kasandra’s passion is to reinterpret interior styling and designs which inspired her to create furniture for those who she loves the most – her children. She longed for beautiful furniture for her children with the same aesthetic and expressive look as grown up’s furniture. Kasandra took upon herself, designing the furniture that she longed for her children to have – inspired by a Nordic style and modern shapes combined with a love for the traditional expression.


“To me it’s all about creating furniture you want to feel and use our senses. Any children room should be an integrated part of a wholesome interior styling in each home. This kind of harmony is possible to accomplish with a holistic interior styling. I believe this is achievable when the interior decoration pleases both the children and parents. Therefore, our furniture is designed to be transformed as the child grows making it possible to be used through generations. Due to a holistic multifunctionality, each design will fit into your children’s room – as well as your cottage, guest room or a cozy spot in your living room.”

Kasandra Bodo – Founder & Designer