Wooden furniture


Daily care is done with a clean, soft cloth, wrung in lukewarm water.
Remember to wipe with a clean dry cloth to remove the last moisture, avoid using any kind of chemicals and scouring pads on the furniture, as they will damage the surface.
Clean your oil-treated wood surfaces with a cloth that is clean and dry or hard-wrung in water and soap.
Wipe in the longitudinal direction of the wood structure.


Tighten your furniture


Wood is affected by temperature changes and humidity therefore it is important to tighten your furniture regularly to maintain the safety and durability of your child’s furniture.




Our mattress covers are made of 100% cotton OEKO-TEX® that can be removed and washed at 60 degrees in the washing machine. For optimal bed hygiene and to remove house dust mites, dead cells and other dirt, we recommend vacuuming the mattress and removing it and ventilating it regularly.